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“A bicycle is only a bicycle when the materials have been put together in such a way that two wheels are placed one after the other, which can be driven by two pedals and the front wheel can be operated with a rear. The success of this invention can be programmed into a computer and infinitely produced in the factory with some human assistance.


For me, the beauty of a work of art is in the game. The communication between the material and the artist's imagination. And this invention remains visible in the result of the work by a certain roughness or haste that has left its mark.


A successful work of art involuntarily transfers the magic to the viewer. Without the audience, the artwork is nothing. It is the human itself who continues this magic. For centuries we no longer speak of "A girl with a pearl", but  about "The Girl With The Pearl".


Titus Meeuws



Noordwal 327, The Hague

+31 6 24 66 86 02



Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag 1994 - 1998

Willem de Koning Academie, Rotterdam 2000 - 2002


Available works

Kunstzaal van Heijningen, The Hague

Morren Galleries, Utrecht

Gallery Mokum, Amsterdam

Gallery Annee, Haarlem




House of Parlements/ Tweede Kamer The Hague

Council Archives/ Gemeente Archief The Hague

Muzee Scheveningen

Katwijks Museum

l'Impression collection

Ligthart collection

Fred Klomp collection



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Buiten Spelen/ Playing Outside

hard cover, 64 pag.

Written by Gijsbert van der Wal

Uitgeverij de Nieuwe Haagsche

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Haags Licht

hard cover, 30 pages full color.

Written by Paul van Vliet

Uitgeverij de Nieuwe Haagsche

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